Other commonly performed surgical procedures

1. Cataract:

contact       IOLs

Microincision cataract surgery (phacoemulsification) is the most commonly performed cataract surgery. It is a walk-in walk-out daycare procedure and the surgery is done under with advanced techniques under topical anaesthesia (not requiring any injections or eye bandage). It is a painless surgery that typically lasts about 10 to 15 minutes. Patients can choose from a wide range of high-quality intraocular lens implants, ranging from simple monofocal IOLs to premium toric, multifocal and trifocal IOLs, depending on their visual needs.

2. Refractive surgery:

Advanced Laser surgeries like LASIK, FemtoLASIK, SMILE and Intraocular contact lens (ICL) are performed to get rid of spectacles.

3. Corneal surgeries:

Corneal surgeries

Corneal surgeries like penetrating keratoplasty (eye transplants) are performed to cure blindness caused by irreparably diseased cornea. Advanced procedures like Descemet’s stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty and deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty are also performed with excellent results.

4. Glaucoma surgeries:

Glaucoma surgery

Advanced surgeries are performed to halt the progression of optic nerve damage caused by glaucoma (raised intraocular pressure). Most commonly performed surgeries are trabeculectomy and glaucoma valve implants in case of refractory disease.

5. Squint surgeries:

Correction of deviation of eyes in children and adults with excellent cosmetic and functional outcomes.

6. General ophthalmology:


Surgeries for pterygium excision (removal of a fleshy mass that grows over the eye) with with and without glue sutureless autologous conjunctival grafting and amniotic membrane grafting are performed with good long-term results.

Bumps on the eyelids (chalazion) are cured with incision and curettage procedures.

7. Trauma:

Penetrating trauma resulting in conjunctival, scleral or corneal tears are repaired followed by thorough retinal examination and management.

8. Orbit and Oculoplasty:

Surgical procedures for correction of droopy eyelids, ectropion (outwardly everted eyelid), entropion (inward turning of the eyelid). Lacrimal surgeries like DCT and DCR are done to correct blockage of nasolacrimal passage.