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Setting High Standards of Retinal Photography and Screening

Neoretina Eyecare Institute, Hyderabad is an NABH accredited tertiary care eye hospital with a state-of-the-art ophthalmic diagnostic centre. An excellent team of skilled ophthalmologists and world-class adaptive technology have made Neoretina one among the few hospitals in the country to successfully treat patients with serious eye diseases.

Neoretina invests in superior retinal photography with Daytona Optos

Neoretina Eyecare Institute is stepping up the gear for retinal care. The hospital becomes Telangana region’s first super speciality private ophthalmic centre in Hyderabad to install Optos, an ultra-widefield fundus (retinal) photography machine. The photographs captured by Optos will enable us to monitor and document the patient’s eye condition from a visit to visit.

  • healthy-eye-screeningHealthy
    eye screening
  • diagnosis-of-uvetisEnhanced accuracy in the diagnosis of uveitis and retinal diseases
  • patient-engagementImproves
    patient engagement

Optos provides an unparalleled edge to practitioner’s diagnosis

  • OptosPractice Efficiency: Optos enables faster photography, gives a detailed 200º photograph of the retina, as against the previous view of only 50º, thus improving the diagnosis.
  • OptosImproved Clinical Decision-making: Unlike conventional equipment, Optos signals early signs of many ocular diseases in the retinal periphery. This speeds up treatment planning and chances of recovery.
  • OptosImproved Chances of Vision Recovery: Enables the specialist to detect eye abnormalities sooner and manage them effectively.
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How Optos elevates the practice of retinal and uveitis care

  • OptosNon-mydriatic, non-contact photography through 2mm pupils and hazy media due to cataracts.
  • HighHigh photograph resolution shows fine detail across the retina (optic disc, macula, and periphery).
  • AutofluorescenceAutofluorescence photography with green laser light that displays lipofuscin in the RPE (Retinal Pigment Epithelium)
  • StereoStereo disc photography
  • DICOMDICOM-friendly
  • deviceThe device comes with the OptosAdvance, a browser-based image review software to enhance photograph evaluation.
  • ObtainsObtains photographs in seconds which can be stored electronically as a reference on the patient’s next visit.
  • UsefulUseful during telehealth consultations