Neoretina Eyecare Surgical Services and Patient Comfort

Patient Comfort

Spacious patient waiting area facing the nursing station

Comfortable general ward and air-conditioned private rooms with attached restrooms

Patient Safety

Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) with dynamic passbox to ensure sterility of surgical instruments.

Pre-operative preparation room equipped with advanced multi para monitor probe for anaesthetic monitoring, crash cart with defibrillator for managing emergencies and equipment for safety of surgical patients.


Operation theatre with laminar air flow system that markedly reduces the chance of infection. One of the very few eye hospitals with the facility.

Cutting edge technology

cutting edge

Two operation theatres where surgeries are done with the help of high precision microscopes (Zeiss Lumera)

advanced vitrectomy

Advanced vitrectomy machines (Constellation vision system, Alcon) and phacoemulsification machines (from AMO).