• Clean your contact lenses before wear and after removing – remember to wash your hands before you touch the lens, every time.
  • If you are applying to makeup, just remember ‘Lenses First’. First, insert the lens then apply the makeup. Similarly, first remove the lens then the makeup.
  • By wearing sunglasses, you can protect your eyes and lens from dust and debris.
  • If you experience any unusual symptom or discomfort take your lenses out and visit your Optometrist early. Remember – ‘If in Doubt, take them Out’.
  • Read and follow the instructions given to you. People using contact lens are well instructed before wearing it. In hindsight, keep these instructions in mind.
  • Understand what type of lens is right for you and validate its authenticity to avoid any hazard.
  • Have complete knowledge about the lens, right from wearing it to preserving it from the dirt.
    Consult your ophthalmologist and clarify your queries about these contact lenses.
  • Maintain your contact lens with utmost care.
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