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Cataract December 16, 2019

Congenital Cataracts: Early diagnosis is the key

Children could be having cataracts right from birth. We refer to them as congenital cataracts. Fortunately, they are rare occurrences. Like many others, you may not even be aware that your child is having a cataract because children generally never complain of poor vision. It might be even more difficult when the child of suffering from poor vision due to cataracts in both eyes. Therefore, only the ophthalmologist, who puts the child through a complete eye examination, will be able to help you with the right assessment.

Cornea April 26, 2019

LASIK Surgery: Types, Procedure and Outcomes

Common vision or eye-related problems include farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia. To correct such problems, ‘refractive surgery’ is carried out. The surgical eye procedure helps reduce dependence on contact lenses or eyeglasses. Today, several types of effective surgical procedures are available, but LASIK surgery is the most popular one.

Cornea April 25, 2019

Keratoconus Screening and Treatment

Keratoconus (kerato: Cornea; konos: Cone) is a Greek word. It is a multifactorial non-inflammatory, progressive disease with biomechanical, biochemical, genetic, and environmental pathophysiology. Keratoconus is characterized by a steepening and thinning of the central and paracentral cornea causing myopia and irregular astigmatism. This eye disease affects approximately 1/2000 people of all races and both sexes equally. The onset of this disease is during the second decade of life around puberty. Keratoconus is bilateral and asymmetric ectatic eye condition which progresses until life’s fourth decade.