Cataract is a very common eye problem and affects millions of people worldwide. If your vision is hampered due to cataract, your eye specialist will ask you to undergo surgery. Although the term ‘cataract surgery’ may sound scary at first, with the help of advanced technology and a qualified and skilled surgeon, it can improve your vision instantly.

With a plethora of choices, it can be frustrating and overwhelming to choose a qualified eye specialist for cataract surgery. Surgeon’s experience, the technology, the surgery cost are some of the few considerations which affect decision-making. Make your life easier, with these essential tips to consider while choosing the best eye specialist for your cataract surgery:

Credentials of the Eye Specialist

The eye surgeon you choose should be certified in Ophthalmology. The eye specialist must have all the necessary training and skills to perform your cataract surgery. If the training is from a reputed institute it further builds your confidence. Ophthalmologists who’re trained in reputed institutes of the country and abroad are more likely to have better training, exposure to a variety of diseases and better skills of managing eye conditions. Also, your eye doctor’s experience also counts in removing cataracts. Here experience not only means number of years, more importantly it means number of surgeries done with successful outcomes. This simply increases your chances of having a successful surgery. It is best to choose a specialist as he/she will be more aware of the advanced techniques and latest methods related to cataract removal.

eye surgeon
A qualified eye surgeon is all you need to get your vision back!

Read Online Reviews

In the modern world, searching and choosing a cataract surgeon is much simpler. You can read online reviews which play an essential role in decision-making. Most of these reviews are from past patients. These reviews offer a broad sense of the eye specialist’s work, any drawbacks and much more. So, it is important to read online reviews before taking any decision.


If you are not totally satisfied with the online reviews left behind by strangers, personal references can help in choosing the eye specialist. Word-of-mouth referral from close friends and family works like a charm in the daunting process of choosing an eye specialist. As cataract surgery is far more common, there is a high probability of you knowing some people who have already had this treatment. So, speak with your family members and friends about their experience. Ask these trusted sources whether or not they would recommend their eye surgeon.


Do not shy away from consultations. Meet multiple eye specialists and look for a surgeon who will take the time to understand your concerns about the surgery and answers your questions. A one-on-one talk with the surgeon helps in decision making. Inattentive or discourteous staff can make the whole experience and follow-ups tedious. Make sure you feel comfortable with the eye specialist, what he/she says and the level of care offered. Such consultations provide an opportunity to meet the staff and visit the eye care hospital and see the facilities.

NABH eye care hospital
NABH accredited advanced tertiary eye care hospital

The reputation of the hospital

While choosing an eye specialist for cataract surgery, the reputation of the doctor and eye care hospital needs to be considered. Do your own research, go for consultations and ask the doctor about the technology they use before taking any decision. Once you visit the hospital you will know whether outdated equipment or advanced technology is being used in the care of patients. As for the hospital, ensure it has at least an NABH accreditation. NABH accreditation means that the hospital has been certified for the quality and safety of it’s processes and you can look forward to excellent care for your eyes. You can also check and verify whether that hospital is a referral hospital for other doctors.  This essentially means that the hospital is a tertiary level, advanced care hospital and is well-equipped in dealing with even the most complicated cases.

Schedule your cataract surgery with the eye specialist only after you have made an informed decision!